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Cracow Hostel
is a
Backpackers Hostel.

Why is Cracow Hostel worth visiting?

When planning your stay in Cracow, maybe it's good to wonder whether it is not better to stay in the very heart of this beautiful city so as to lose neither time nor money for travelling to the city centre. It is exactly here, where most of Cracow's monuments are located and it is here, where you can watch how the thrilling social life in Cracow is going on.

Choosing our hostel, situated on the Cracow Market Square you can be sure, that everything you should see in Cracow is near you and only from our windows you may actually see it at any time of day or night. And when you will already see everything that is of any interest for you in Cracow during the day, in the evening you can visit numerous clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants, that are just within ythe reach of your hand!!! Our hostel is located in the XIV-century living tenement and thus it fully harmonizes with the atmosphere in Cracow.

Satisfaction of our guests is the most important thing for us, their mood and safety as they are staying at our hostel (the hostel has security and 24h monitoring).

We are offering you as follows:
  • 87 accommodation places in a diversity of rooms (i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 18 person rooms available);
  • grate number of facilities; 2 living-rooms with an amazing view from the windows
    - (What? You don't believe it)? Check out the pictures!
  • 2 kitchens at disposal of our guests along with a washing machine, and among many other things ...
  • free access to the Internet (via WiFi).

We are offering the APARTMENT to all those, who are more exacting. The APARTMENT has a separate bathroom - en suite, a kitchen and there's a superb view stretching over the Cracow's Cloth Hall (in Polish it is referred to as 'Sukiennice') and St. Mary's Church (in Polish it is known as "Kościół Mariacki").

While staying at Cracow's Hostel you can always count on nice and warm welcome, great atmosphere, that facilitates establishing new contacts, making friendships and acquiring new interesting experience. Not to mention all possible assistance provided on the part of our young and polite crew having a fluent command of foreign languages. We are glad to recommend you some places worth visiting while staying in Cracow, where you may eat tastily and on the cheap at the same time and to have a great time as well. Cracow has this unique, and exceptional atmosphere dominating the city. Stay at Cracow's Hostel and experience it yourself!

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